Title 43

SECTION 5474.1

5474.1 Conditions; general.

§ 5474.1 Conditions; general.

(a) The purchaser may not assign the contract or any interest therein without the written approval of the authorized officer. An assignment shall contain all the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties thereto.

(b) The authorized officer will not approve any proposed assignment involving contract performance unless the assignee (1) is authorized to transact business in the State in which the timber or other vegetative resource is located; (2) submits such information as is necessary to assure the authorized officer of his ability to fulfill the contract; and (3) furnishes a performance bond as required by subpart 5451 of this chapter or obtains a commitment from the previous surety to be bound by the assignment when approved. Upon approval of an assignment by the authorized officer, the assignee shall be entitled to all the rights and subject to all the obligations under the contract, and the assignor shall be released from any further liability under the contract.

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