Title 43

SECTION 5442.1

5442.1 Bidding.

§ 5442.1 Bidding.

(a) Bidding at competitive sales shall be conducted by the submission of sealed bids, written bids, oral bids, or a combination of bidding methods as directed by the authorized officer.

(b) In sealed bid sales, the bidder submitting the highest sealed bid shall be declared the high bidder. In the event of a tie in high sealed bids, the high bidder shall be determined by lot from among those who submitted the tie bids.

(c) In oral auction sales, submission of the required minimum bid deposit and a written bid at not less than the advertised appraised price shall be required to participate in oral bidding. The officer conducting the sale shall declare a specific period, prior to oral bidding on each tract, during which bid deposits and written bids may be submitted. Bid deposits and written bids also may be submitted any time prior to the specific period declared by the officer conducting the sale. Oral bidding to determine the high bidder shall begin from the highest written bid after closure of the submittal period. In the event there is a tie in high written bids, and no oral bidding occurs, the bidder who was the first to submit his bid deposit and written bid shall be declared the high bidder. If the officer conducting the sale cannot determine who made the first submission of high tie written bids, the high bidder shall be determined by lot. The declared high bidder must confirm his oral bid in writing immediately after the sale, but failure to do so shall not relieve him of his purchase obligation.

[38 FR 6280, Mar. 8, 1973]