Title 43

SECTION 5441.1

5441.1 Qualification of bidders.

§ 5441.1 Qualification of bidders.

(a) A bidder or purchaser for the sale of timber must be (1) an individual who is a citizen of the United States, (2) a partnership composed wholly of such citizens, (3) an unincorporated association composed wholly of such citizens, or (4) a corporation authorized to transact business in the States in which the timber is located. A bidder must also have submitted a deposit in advance, as required by § 5441.1-1. To qualify for bidding to purchase set-aside timber, the bidder must not have been determined by the Small Business Administration to be ineligible for preferential award of set-aside sales and must accompany his deposit with a self-certification statement that he is qualified as a small business concern as defined by the Small Business Administration (13 CFR part 121).

(b) At the request of the authorized officer, or the officer conducting the sale, bidders must furnish evidence of qualification in conformance with paragraphs (a) and (c) of this section or if such evidence has already been furnished, make appropriate reference to the record containing it.

(c) Timber sale contracts are “covered transactions” under the suspension and debarment rules for discretionary assistance, loan, and benefit award programs at 2 CFR part 180, implemented as a regulation by the Department of the Interior (the Department) at 2 CFR part 1400. See 2 CFR 180.200, 180.210, and 1400.970.

(1) A bidder or purchaser that has been suspended, debarred, or otherwise determined to be ineligible for award is prohibited from bidding on a timber sale unless an award specific written compelling reasons exception determination pursuant to 2 CFR 180.135 and 1400.137 is issued by the Department's Director of the Office of Acquisition and Property Management to permit an excluded party to participate in the covered transaction.

(2) A bidder or purchaser suspended, debarred, or otherwise award ineligible may continue to bid on timber purchase contracts; however, absent issuance of a written compelling reasons determination under paragraph (c)(1) of this section, no award shall be made during the period of award ineligibility.

(3) As required by 2 CFR 180.335, prior to awarding a timber sale contract, a bidder or purchaser (i.e., a nonprocurement award participant) shall certify to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that neither the entity nor any of its principals, as defined at 2 CFR 180.995, is suspended, debarred, or otherwise disqualified.

(4) If a participant enters into a covered transaction with another person at the next lower tier, the participant must verify that the person with whom they intend to enter into that transaction is not suspended, debarred, or otherwise award disqualified. See 2 CFR 180.300 and 1400.220.

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