Title 43

SECTION 5402.0-6

5402.0-6 Policy.

§ 5402.0-6 Policy.

(a) When it is determined by the authorized officer to be in the public interest, he may sell at not less than the appraised value, without advertising or calling for bids, timber where the contract is for the sale of less than 250 M board feet.

(b) Timber on the right-of-way of a logging road and danger trees adjacent to the right-of-way on O. and C. lands may be sold at not less than the appraised value without advertising or calling for bids to (1) permittee who constructs a road pursuant to a permit issued under Subpart 2800 of this chapter, or (2) a contractor who is constructing a road with Government funds.

(c) In addition to paragraph (b) of this section, negotiated sales with no limitations as to volume may be made if:

(1) The contract is for the disposal of materials to be used in connection with a public works improvement program on behalf of a Federal, State or local government agency and the public exigency will not permit the delay incident to advertising; or if

(2) The contract is for the disposal of timber or other vegetative resources, for which it is impracticable to obtain competition.

(d) All negotiated sales shall be subject to the restrictions relating to the export and substitution from the United States of unprocessed timber.

(e) Special forest products, including firewood, Christmas trees, boughs, greenery, mushrooms, and other similar vegetative resources, may be sold by permit, without appraisal, after payment to the Government of adequate compensation for the material and may include the expense of issuance of the permit.

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