Title 43

SECTION 3934.10

3934.10 Relinquishments.

§ 3934.10 Relinquishments.

(a) A lease or exploration license or any legal subdivision thereof may be surrendered by the record title holder by filing a written relinquishment, in triplicate, in the BLM State Office having jurisdiction over the lands covered by the relinquishment.

(b) To be relinquished, the lease account must be in good standing and the relinquishment must be considered to be in the public interest.

(c) A relinquishment will take effect on the date the BLM approves it, subject to the:

(1) Continued obligation of the lessee or licensee and surety to make payments of all accrued rentals and royalties;

(2) The proper rehabilitation of the lands to be relinquished to a condition acceptable to the BLM under these regulations;

(3) Terms of the lease or license; and

(4) Approved exploration plan or development plan.

(d) Prior to relinquishment of an exploration license, the licensee must give any other parties participating in activities under the exploration license the opportunity to take over operations under the exploration license. The licensee must provide to the BLM written evidence that the offer was made to all other parties participating in the exploration license.