Title 43

SECTION 3933.31

3933.31 Record title assignments.

§ 3933.31 Record title assignments.

(a) File in triplicate at the proper BLM office a separate instrument of assignment for each assignment. File the assignment application within 90 calendar days after the date of final execution of the assignment instrument and with it include the:

(1) Name and current address of assignee;

(2) Interest held by assignor and interest to be assigned;

(3) Serial number of the affected lease or license and a description of the lands to be assigned as described in the lease or license;

(4) Percentage of overriding royalties retained; and

(5) Dated signature of assignor.

(b) The assignee must provide a single copy of the request for approval of assignment which must contain a:

(1) Statement of qualifications and holdings as required by subpart 3902 of this chapter;

(2) Date and the signature of the assignee; and

(3) The filing fee found in the fee schedule in § 3000.12 of this chapter.

(c) The approval of an assignment of all interests in a specific portion of the lands in a lease or license will create a separate lease or license, which will be given a new serial number.

[73 FR 69469, Nov. 18, 2008, as amended at 75 FR 55683, Sept. 14, 2010]