Title 43

SECTION 3910.41

3910.41 Issuance, modification, relinquishment, and cancellation.

§ 3910.41 Issuance, modification, relinquishment, and cancellation.

(a) The BLM may:

(1) Issue an exploration license; or

(2) Reject an application for an exploration license based on, but not limited to:

(i) The need for resource information;

(ii) The environmental analysis;

(iii) The completeness of the application; or

(iv) Any combination of these factors.

(b) An exploration license is effective on the date the BLM specifies, which is also the date when exploration activities may begin. An exploration license is valid for a period of up to 2 years after the effective date of the license or as specified in the license.

(c) The BLM-approved exploration plan will be attached and made a part of each exploration license (see subpart 3931 of part 3930 of this chapter).

(d) After consultation with the surface management agency, the BLM may approve modification of the exploration license proposed by the licensee in writing if geologic or other conditions warrant. The BLM will not add lands to the license once it has been issued.

(e) Subject to the continued obligation of the licensee and the surety to comply with the terms and conditions of the exploration license, the exploration plan, and these regulations, a licensee may relinquish an exploration license for any or all of the lands covered by it. A relinquishment must be filed in the BLM state office in which the original application was filed.

(f) The BLM may terminate an exploration license for noncompliance with its terms and conditions and part 3900, this part, and parts 3920 and 3930 of this chapter.