Title 43

SECTION 3902.26

3902.26 Guardians or trustees.

§ 3902.26 Guardians or trustees.

Guardians or trustees for a trust, holding on behalf of a beneficiary, who are applicants must provide to the BLM:

(a) A signed statement that:

(1) Provides the beneficiary's citizenship;

(2) Provides the guardian's or trustee's citizenship;

(3) Provides the grantor's citizenship, if the trust is revocable; and

(4) Certifies the acreage holdings of the beneficiary, the guardian, trustee, or grantor, if the trust is revocable, do not exceed the aggregate acreage limitations in § 3901.20 of this chapter; and

(b) A copy of the court order or other document authorizing or creating the trust or guardianship.