Title 43

SECTION 3862.9

3862.9 Public availability of information.

§ 3862.9 Public availability of information.

(a) All data and information concerning Federal and Indian minerals submitted under this part 3860 are subject to part 2 of this title. Part 2 of this title includes the regulations of the Department of the Interior covering the public disclosure of data and information contained in Department of the Interior records. Certain mineral information not protected from public disclosure under part 2 of this title may be made available for inspection without a Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552) request.

(b) When you submit data and information under this part 3860 that you believe to be exempt from disclosure to the public, you must clearly mark each page that you believe includes confidential information. BLM will keep all data and information confidential to the extent allowed by § 2.13(c) of this title.

[63 FR 52955, Oct. 1, 1998]