Title 43

SECTION 3862.8-1

3862.8-1 Land descriptions in patents.

§ 3862.8-1 Land descriptions in patents.

The land description in a patent for a lode mining claim, for a millsite, or for a placer claim not consisting of legal subdivisions, shall hereafter consist of the names and survey numbers of the claims being patented and those being excluded, or of the names of the excluded claims if they are unsurveyed, or of the legal subdivisions of excluded land covered by homestead or other nonmineral entry. The land description shall refer to the field notes of survey and the plat thereof for a more particular description and the patent shall expressly make them a part thereof. Where shown by the mineral entry the patent shall give the actual or approximate legal subdivision, section, township and range, the name of the county and of the mining district, if any, wherein the claims are situated. A copy of the plat and field notes of each mineral survey patented will be furnished to the patentee.