Title 43

SECTION 3861.3-1

3861.3-1 Extent of duties.

§ 3861.3-1 Extent of duties.

The duty of a mineral surveyor in any particular case ceases when he has executed the survey and returned the field notes and preliminary plat, with his report, to the cadastral engineer. He will not be allowed to prepare for the mining claimant the papers in support of his application for patent. He is not permitted to combine the duties of surveyor and notary public in the same case by administering oaths. It is preferable that both preliminary and final oaths of assistants should be taken before some officer duly authorized to administer oaths, other than the mineral surveyor. In cases, however, where great delay, expense, or inconvenience would result from a strict compliance with this section, the mineral surveyor is authorized to administer the necessary oaths to his assistants, but in each case where this is done, he will submit to the proper cadastral engineer a full written report of the circumstances which required his stated action; otherwise he must have absolutely nothing to do with the case, except in his official capacity as surveyor. He will not employ field assistants interested therein in any manner.