Title 43

SECTION 3833.32

3833.32 How do I transfer a mining claim or site

§ 3833.32 How do I transfer a mining claim or site?

(a) State law governs transferring mining claims or sites. A transfer is effective in the manner and on the date provided by state law, not the date you file it with BLM.

(b) You must file in the BLM State Office a notice of the transfer that includes:

(1) The name and, if available, the serial number BLM assigned to the claim or site when the notice or certificate of location was originally recorded (the person who transferred you ownership or legal interest should have this number);

(2) Your name and current mailing address; and

(3) A copy of the legal instrument or document that you used to transfer the interest in the claim or site under state law.

(c) For each mining claim or site transferred, each transferee must pay the full processing fee specified in the table of service charges and fees in § 3830.21 of this chapter.

(d) BLM will notify the claimant of record with BLM of any action it takes regarding a mining claim or site. If BLM is required by law to give a claimant notice of any new legal requirements, BLM has properly given notice by sending the notice to the claimant of record with BLM.

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