Title 43

SECTION 3822.2

3822.2 Compensation to surface rights holder.

§ 3822.2 Compensation to surface rights holder.

Any party who obtains the right, whether by license, permit, lease, or location, to prospect for, mine, or remove the minerals after the land shall have been segregated or disposed of under the Act, will be required to compensate the holder of the surface rights for any damages that may be caused to the value of the land and to the tangible improvements thereon by such mining operations or prospecting, and may be required by an authorized officer, as to mining claims, or by the terms of the mineral license, permit or lease, to post a surety bond not to exceed $20,000 in amount to protect the surface owner against such damage, prior to the commencement of mining operations.

[35 FR 9746, June 13, 1970]