Title 43

SECTION 3809.431

3809.431 When must I modify my plan of operations

§ 3809.431 When must I modify my plan of operations?

You must modify your plan of operations when any of the following apply:

(a) Before making any changes to the operations described in your approved plan of operations;

(b) When BLM requires you to do so to prevent unnecessary or undue degradation; and

(c) Before final closure, to address impacts from unanticipated events or conditions or newly discovered circumstances or information, including the following:

(1) Development of acid or toxic drainage;

(2) Loss of surface springs or water supplies;

(3) The need for long-term water treatment and site maintenance;

(4) Repair of reclamation failures;

(5) Plans for assuring the adequacy of containment structures and the integrity of closed waste units;

(6) Providing for post-closure management; and (7) Eliminating hazards to public safety.