Title 43

SECTION 3741.3

3741.3 Additional evidence required with application for patent.

§ 3741.3 Additional evidence required with application for patent.

All questions between mining claimants asserting conflicting rights of possession under mining claims, must be adjudicated in the courts. Any applicant for mineral patent, who claims benefits under sections 1 or 3 of this Act, or the Act of August 12, 1953, supra, in addition to matters required in Group 3800 of this chapter, must file with his Application for Patent a certified copy of each instrument required to have been recorded as to his mining claim in order to entitle it to such benefits unless an Abstract of Title or Certificate of Title filed with the Application for Patent shall set forth said instruments in full. If a mining claim was located on or after the date of this Act a statement must be filed showing that on the date of location the lands affected were not covered by a uranium lease or an application for a uranium lease. The applicant must also file a copy of the notice required to be posted on the claim and state in his application that such notice was duly posted in accordance with the requirements of the Act.