Title 43

SECTION 3713.2

3713.2 Hearing: Time and place.

§ 3713.2 Hearing: Time and place.

If any verified statement shall be filed by a mining claimant then the administrative law judge or the Director, as may be appropriate, shall fix a time and place for a hearing to determine the validity and effectiveness of any right or title to or interest in or under such mining claim which the mining claimant may assert contrary to or in conflict with the limitations or restrictions specified in section 4 of the Act as to unpatented mining claims located after its enactment. The administrative law judge shall notify the department or agency and all mining claimants entitled to notice as the result of the filing of such verified statement of the time and place of such hearing at least 30 days in advance thereof. The notice of hearing shall contain a statement specifying the issues upon which evidence will be submitted at the hearing. Such hearing shall be held in the county where the lands in question, or parts thereof, are located unless the mining claimant agrees otherwise.