Title 43

SECTION 3585.3-2

3585.3-2 Application.

§ 3585.3-2 Application.

(a) An application for a mining claimant preference right lease shall be filed in triplicate in the Fairbanks District Office, Bureau of Land Management, P.O. Box 1150, Fairbanks, Alaska 99707, by the holder of an unperfected mining claim(s), within 2 years from the date the lands are opened to mineral leasing and development.

(b) No specific form is required.

(c) Each application shall be signed in ink by the applicant and shall include the following:

(1) The applicant's name and address;

(2) The serial number for each claim for which the application is made;

(3) The name of the mineral(s) for which the lease is sought; and

(4) A separate map on which the claim(s) is clearly marked.

(d) A single application may embrace any number of unperfected mining claims provided that, in the aggregate, the claims do not exceed 640 acres. The claims shall be contiguous and shall be located entirely within an area 6 miles square. Multiple applications may be submitted.