Title 43

SECTION 3584.5

3584.5 Protection of surface.

§ 3584.5 Protection of surface.

All leases issued pursuant to this subpart shall be conditioned upon compliance by the lessee with all the laws, rules and regulations of the State of California for the safeguarding and protection of plant life, scenic features and park or recreational improvements on the lands, where not inconsistent with the terms of the lease or this section. The lease also shall provide that any mining work performed upon the lease shall be located in accordance with any requirements of the State necessary for the protection of the surface rights and uses and so conducted as to result in the least possible injury to plant life, scenic features and improvements and that, upon completion of the mining operation, all excavations, including wells, shall be closed and the property shall be conditioned for abandonment to the satisfaction of the surface owner. The lease shall further provide that any use of the lands for ingress to and egress from the mine shall be on a route approved in writing by the State's authorized representative.