Title 43

SECTION 3583.4-3

3583.4-3 Special terms and conditions.

§ 3583.4-3 Special terms and conditions.

Each lease shall contain provisions for the following:

(a) Diligent development of the leased property, except when operations are interrupted by strikes, the elements or casualties not attributable to the lessee, unless operations are suspended upon a showing that the lease cannot be operated except at loss because of unfavorable market conditions;

(b) Occupation and use of the surface shall be restricted to that which is reasonably necessary for the exploration, development and extraction of the leased minerals, subject to any special rules to protect the values of the recreation area;

(c) No vegetation shall be destroyed or disturbed except where necessary to mine and remove the minerals;

(d) Operations shall not be conducted in such a manner as to adversely affect the purpose of the Central Valley Project through dumping, drainage or otherwise;

(e) Structures shall not be erected or roads or vehicle trails opened or constructed without first obtaining written permission from an authorized officer or employee of the Forest Service. The permit for a road or trail may be conditioned upon the permittee's maintaining the road or trail in passable condition satisfactory to the officer in charge of the area so long as it is used by the permittee or his/her successor;

(f) Reservation of the right to add additional terms to the lease when deemed necessary by the authorized officer or employee of the Forest Service for the protection of the surface, its resources and use for recreation.