Title 43

SECTION 3512.13

3512.13 How do I assign my permit or lease

§ 3512.13 How do I assign my permit or lease?

(a) Within 90 days of final execution of the assignment, you must submit three copies of your instrument for assignment of each permit or lease. The instrument must contain:

(1) The assignee's name and current address;

(2) The interest held by you and the interest you plan to assign;

(3) The serial number of the affected permit or lease;

(4) The amount of overriding royalties you retain;

(5) The date and your original signature on each copy, as the assignor; and

(6) The assignee must also send BLM a request for approval of the assignment which must contain:

(i) A statement of the assignee's qualifications and holdings, as required by subpart 3502 of this part;

(ii) Date and original signature of the assignee; and

(iii) The filing fee for assignment, sublease, or transfer of operating rights found in the fee schedule in § 3000.12 of this chapter.

(b) BLM must approve the assignment. We will notify you with a decision indicating approval or disapproval.

(c) If you are assigning a portion of your permit or lease, we will create a new permit or lease for the assigned portion, if approved.

[64 FR 53536, Oct. 1, 1999, as amended at 72 FR 50888, Sept. 5, 2007]