Title 43

SECTION 3508.14

3508.14 How will BLM publish the notice of lease sale

§ 3508.14 How will BLM publish the notice of lease sale?

(a) Once we determine which lands are available for leasing, we will publish a notice of lease sale at least once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the area where the lands are situated. We will also post the notice of lease sale for 30 days in the public room of the BLM office which administers the lands.

(b) The notice will include:

(1) The time and place of sale;

(2) The bidding method, including opening and closing dates for bidding;

(3) A description of the tract BLM is offering;

(4) A description of the mineral deposit BLM is offering;

(5) The minimum bid we will consider; and

(6) Information on where you can get a copy of the proposed lease and a detailed statement of the lease sale terms and conditions.

(7) If the tract being offered for competitive sale was nominated by an applicant, a statement of the total cost recovery fee paid to BLM by the applicant under § 3508.12 up to 30 days before the competitive lease sale.

[64 FR 53536, Oct. 1, 1999, as amended at 70 FR 58877, Oct. 7, 2005]