Title 43

SECTION 3505.45

3505.45 What is an exploration plan

§ 3505.45 What is an exploration plan?

An exploration plan shows how you intend to determine the existence and workability of a valuable deposit. Your exploration plan must include as much of the following information as possible:

(a) The names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons responsible for operations under your plan and to whom BLM will deliver notices and orders;

(b) A brief description of the environment your plan may affect. Focus on the affected geologic, water and other physical factors, and the distribution and abundance of vegetation and habitat of fish and wildlife, particularly threatened and endangered species. Include maps with your descriptions, and discuss the present land use in and adjacent to the area;

(c) A narrative description showing:

(1) The method of exploration and types of equipment you will use;

(2) The measures you will take to prevent or control fire, soil erosion, pollution of surface and ground water, pollution of air, damage to fish and wildlife or their habitat, damage to other natural resources, and hazards to public health and safety, including specific actions necessary to meet all applicable laws and regulations;

(3) The method for plugging drill holes; and

(4) The measures you will take to reclaim the land, including:

(i) A reclamation schedule;

(ii) The method of grading, backfilling, soil stabilization, compacting and contouring;

(iii) The method of soil preparation and fertilizer application;

(iv) The type and mixture of shrubs, trees, grasses, forbs or other vegetation you will plant; and

(v) The method of planting, including approximate quantity and spacing;

(d) The estimated timetable for each phase of the work and for final completion of the program;

(e) Suitable topographic maps or aerial photographs showing existing bodies of surface water, topographic, cultural and drainage features, and the proposed location of drill holes, trenches and roads; and

(f) Any other data which BLM may require.