Title 43

SECTION 3504.50

3504.50 Do I have to file a bond to receive a permit or lease

§ 3504.50 Do I have to file a bond to receive a permit or lease?

Yes, unless paragraph (b) of this section applies.

(a) BLM will set permit and lease bond amounts for each lease or permit. We will consider the cost of complying with all permit and lease terms, including royalty and reclamation requirements, when setting bond amounts. The minimum bond amount for prospecting permits is $1000. The minimum bond amount for leases is $5000.

(b) BLM may enter into agreements with states to provide for your state reclamation bond to satisfy our reclamation bonding requirements. We may need additional information from you to determine whether your state bond will cover all of our reclamation requirements. If you have filed a current bond with a state where we have an agreement, and we determine that your state bond will satisfy all BLM reclamation bonding requirements, you will only need to file evidence of that state bond with BLM. We will require an additional bond from you if we determine your state bond does not cover all of our bonding requirements.