Title 43

SECTION 3485.3

3485.3 Maintenance of and access to records.

§ 3485.3 Maintenance of and access to records.

(a) Operators/lessees shall maintain current and accurate records for the Federal lease or LMU showing:

(1) The type, quality, and weight of all coal mined, sold, used on the premises, or otherwise disposed of, and all coal in storage (remaining in inventory).

(2) The prices received for all coal sold and to whom and when sold.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Licensees must maintain a current record of all coal mined and/or removed.

(d) Operators/lessees will retain these records for a period of time as determined by the authorized officer in accordance with current BLM rules and procedures.

[47 FR 33179, July 30, 1982, as amended at 48 FR 35641, Aug. 5, 1983. Redesignated at 48 FR 41589, Sept. 16, 1983]