Title 43

SECTION 3481.3

3481.3 Confidentiality.

§ 3481.3 Confidentiality.

(a) Information on file with MMS obtained pursuant to the rules of this part or part 3400 of this title shall be open for public inspection and copying during regular office hours upon a written request, pursuant to rules at 43 CFR part 2, except that:

(1) Information such as geologic and geophysical data and maps pertaining to Federal recoverable coal reserves obtained from exploration licensees under the rules of this part or part 3410 of this title shall not be disclosed except as provided in 43 CFR 2.20(c).

(2) Information obtained from an operator/lessee under the rules of this part that constitutes trade secrets and commercial or financial information which is privileged or confidential or other information that may be withheld under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552(b)), such as geologic and geophysical data and maps, shall not be available for public inspection or made public or disclosed without the consent of the operator/lessee.

(3) Upon termination of a Federal lease, such geologic and geophysical data and maps shall be made available to the public.

(4) Upon issuance or readjustment of a Federal lease, the estimated Federal recoverable coal reserves figure shall not be made available to the public unless such a release has been included as a Federal lease term.

(b) Information requested by the operator/lessee to be kept confidential under this section shall be clearly marked “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.” All pages so marked shall be physically separated from other portions of the submitted materials. All information not marked “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION” will be available for public inspection, except as stated at paragraph (a) of this section for data submitted prior to August 30, 1982.

[47 FR 33179, July 30, 1982; 47 FR 53366, Nov. 26, 1982. Redesignated and amended at 48 FR 41589, 41590, Sept. 16, 1983]