Title 43

SECTION 3474.1

3474.1 Bonding requirements.

§ 3474.1 Bonding requirements.

(a) Before a lease may be issued, one of the following forms of lease bond shall be furnished:

(1) Corporate surety bonds;

(2) Cash bond; or

(3) Personal lease bonds secured by negotiable U.S. bonds of a par value equal to the amount of the required surety bond, together with a power of attorney executed on a form approved by the Director.

(b) The applicant or bidder shall file the lease bond in the proper office within 30 days of receiving notice. The lease bond shall be furnished on a form approved by the Director.

(c) The bonding obligation for a new lease may be met by an adjustment to an existing LMU bond covering the other leases within the same LMU.

[44 FR 42643, July 19, 1979, as amended at 47 FR 33151, July 30, 1982]