Title 43

SECTION 3472.2-3

3472.2-3 Signature of applicant.

§ 3472.2-3 Signature of applicant.

(a) Every application or bid for a lease or license to mine shall be signed by the applicant or bidder or by its attorney-in-fact. If executed by an attorney-in-fact the application or bid shall be accompanied by the power of attorney and the applicant's own statement as to citizenship and acreage holdings unless the power of attorney specifically authorizes and empowers the attorney-in-fact to make such statement or to execute all statements which may be required under these regulations.

(b) If the application or bid is signed by an attorney-in-fact or agent, it shall be accompanied by:

(1) A statement over the signature of the attorney-in-fact or agent; and

(2) A separate statement personally signed by the applicant or bidder stating whether there is any agreement or undertaking, written or oral, whereby the attorney-in-fact or agent has or is to receive any interest in the lease, if issued.