Title 43

SECTION 3430.2-1

3430.2-1 Initial showing.

§ 3430.2-1 Initial showing.

All preference right coal lease applications shall have contained or shall have been supplemented by the timely submission of:

(a) Information on the quantity and quality of the coal resources discovered within the boundaries of the prospecting permit area, including an average proximate analysis, sulfur content and BTU content of the coal, and all supporting geological and geophysical data used to develop the required information.

(1) Coal quantity shall be indicated by structural maps of the tops of all beds to be mined, isopachous maps of beds to be mined and interburden; and, for beds to be mined by surface mining methods, isopachous maps of the overburden. These maps shall show the location of test holes and outcrops. An estimate of the measured and indicated reserves for each bed to be mined shall be included.

(2) Coal quality data shall include, at a minimum, an average proximate analysis, sulfur content, and BTU content of the coal in each bed to be mined. Also, all supporting geological and geophysical data used to develop the required information shall be submitted.

(b) Topographic maps as available from state or Federal sources showing physical features, drainage patterns, roads and vehicle trails, utility systems, and water sources. The location of proposed development and mining operations facilities shall be identified on the maps. These maps shall include the approximate locations and extent of tailings and overburden storage areas; location and size of pit areas; and the location of water sources or other resources that may be used in the proposed operation and facilities incidental to that use.

(c) A narrative statement that includes:

(1) The anticipated scope of operations, the schedule of operations, and the types of equipment to be used;

(2) The mining method to be used and an estimate of the expected mining sequence and production rate; and

(3) The relationship, if any, between operations planned on the land applied for and existing or planned operations and facilities on adjacent lands.

(d) The authorized officer may request from the applicant, or the applicant may submit, any other information necessary to conduct an environmental analysis of the proposed mining operation, formulate mitigating measures and lease terms and determine commercial quantities.

[44 FR 42628, July 19, 1979, as amended at 47 FR 33143, July 30, 1982]