Title 43

SECTION 3425.1-8

3425.1-8 Rejection of applications.

§ 3425.1-8 Rejection of applications.

(a) An application for a lease shall be rejected in total or in part if the authorized officer determines that: (1) The application is not consistent with the applicable regulations; (2) issuance of the lease would compromise the regional leasing process described in § 3420.3 of this title; or (3) leasing of the lands covered by the application, for environmental or other sufficient reasons, would be contrary to the public interest.

(b) Any application subject to rejection under paragraph (a) of this section shall not be rejected until the applicant is given written notice of the opportunity to provide requested missing information and fails to do so within the time specified in the decision issued for that purpose.

(c) The authorized officer shall transmit reasonable notice of the rejection of an emergency lease application to the Governor of the affected State(s).

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