Title 43

SECTION 3425.1-7

3425.1-7 Preliminary data.

§ 3425.1-7 Preliminary data.

(a) Any application for a lease shall contain preliminary data to assist the authorized officer in conducting an environmental analysis as described in § 3425.3 of this title.

(b) Such preliminary data shall include:

(1) A map, or maps, showing the topography, physical features and natural drainage patterns, existing roads, vehicular trails, and utility systems; the location of any proposed exploration operations, including seismic lines and drill holes; to the extent known, the location of any proposed mining operations and facilities, trenches, access roads or trails, and supporting facilities including the approximate location and extent of the areas to be used for pits, overburden, and tailings; and the location of water sources or other resources that may be used in the proposed operations and facilities.

(2) A narrative statement, including:

(i) The anticipated scope, method, and schedule of exploration operations, including the types of exploration equipment to be used;

(ii) The method of mining anticipated, including the best estimate of the mining sequence and production rate to be followed;

(iii) The relationship between the mining operations anticipated on the lands applied for and existing or planned mining operations, or support facilities on adjacent Federal or non-Federal lands;

(iv) A brief description, including maps or aerial photographs, as appropriate, of: The existing land use or uses within and adjacent to the lands applied for; known geologic, visual, cultural, paleontological or archaeological features; wetlands and floodplains; and known habitat of fish and wildlife - particularly threatened and endangered species - any of which may be affected by the proposed or anticipated exploration or mining operations and related facilities;

(v) A brief description of the proposed measures to be taken to control or prevent fire and to mitigate or prevent soil erosion, pollution of surface and ground water, damage to fish and wildlife or other natural resources, air and noise pollution, adverse impacts to the social and infrastructure systems of local communities, and hazards to public health and safety; reclaim the surface; and meet other applicable laws and regulations. The applicant may submit other pertinent information that the applicant wishes to have considered by the authorized officer;

(vi) A statement which describes the intended use of the coal covered by the emergency application; and

(vii) Any other information which will show that the application meets the requirements of this subpart.

(c) The applicant may engage in casual use of the land in the application, but shall not undertake any exploration without prior authorization by exploration license, or undertake any mining operations until lease issuance.

(d) The authorized officer, after reviewing the preliminary data contained in an application, and at any time during an environmental assessment may request additional information from the applicant. Where the surface of the land is held by a qualified surface owner (§ 3400.0-5) and the mining method to be used is other than underground mining techniques, the authorized officer shall obtain documents necessary to show ownership of the surface. The applicant shall submit evidence of written consent from any qualified surface owner(s). (In accordance with subpart 3427 of this title).

[44 FR 42615, July 19, 1979, as amended at 47 FR 33141, July 30, 1982]