Title 43

SECTION 3425.1-4

3425.1-4 Emergency leasing.

§ 3425.1-4 Emergency leasing.

(a) An emergency lease sale may be held in response to an application under this subpart if the applicant shows:

(1) That the coal reserves applied for shall be mined as part of a mining operation that is producing coal on the date of the application, and either:

(i) The Federal coal is needed within 3 years (A) to maintain an existing mining operation at its current average annual level of production on the date of application or (B) to supply coal for contracts signed prior to July 19, 1979, as substantiated by a complete copy of the supply or delivery contract, or both; or

(ii) If the coal deposits are not leased, they would be bypassed in the reasonably foreseeable future, and if leased, some portion of the tract applied for would be used within 3 years; and

(2) That the need for the coal deposits shall have resulted from circumstances that were either beyond the control of the applicant or could not have been reasonably foreseen and planned for in time to allow for consideration of leasing the tract under the provisions of § 3420.3 of this title.

(b) The extent of any lease issued under this section shall not exceed 8 years of recoverable reserves at the rate of production under which the applicant qualified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section. If the applicant qualifies under both paragraphs (a)(1) (A) and (B) of this section, the higher rate applies.

(c) The authorized officer shall provide the Governor of the affected State(s) a notice of an emergency lease application when it is filed with the Bureau of Land Management.

[44 FR 42615, July 19, 1979, as amended at 47 FR 33141, July 30, 1982; 48 FR 37655, Aug. 19, 1983]