Title 43

SECTION 3410.3-4

3410.3-4 Bonds.

§ 3410.3-4 Bonds.

(a) Bonding provisions in subpart 3474 of this chapter apply to this subpart.

(b) Prior to issuing an exploration license, the authorized officer shall ensure that the amount of the bond to be furnished is sufficient:

(1) To assure compliance with the terms and conditions of the exploration license and exploration plan; and

(2) In the absence of an agreement between the exploration licensee and the surface owner so providing, to assure compensation for damages to surface improvements made by surface owners where an exploration license embraces such lands. In no event shall the amount of such bond be less than $5,000.

(c) Upon completion of exploration and reclamation activities that are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the exploration license, the exploration plan and the regulations, or upon discontinuance of exploration operations and completion of needed reclamation to the satisfaction of the authorized officer, and where appropriate, the surface management agency, the authorized officer shall terminate the period of liability of the bond.

(d) Where the surface of the land being explored is privately owned, the authorized officer shall have the authority to terminate or adjust the period of liability and/or the amount of liability under the bond. The authorized officer shall provide, 30 days prior to the effective date of termination of the period of liability under the bond, a notice of termination to enable the surface owner to inspect the property and notify the authorized officer, in writing, of any deficiencies in reclamation. Should the licensee and any surface owner be unable to agree on the adequacy of the reclamation, the authorized officer shall make the final determination.

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