Title 43

SECTION 3410.3-1

3410.3-1 Issuance and termination of an exploration license.

§ 3410.3-1 Issuance and termination of an exploration license.

(a) The authorized officer has the discretion to issue an exploration license or to reject the application therefor under this subpart.

(b) An exploration license shall become effective on the date specified by the authorized officer as the date when exploration activities may begin. An exploration license shall not be valid for more than two years from its effective date.

(c) The approved exploration plan shall be attached and made a part of each exploration license.

(d) Subject to the continued obligation of the licensee and the surety company to comply with the terms and conditions of the exploration license, the exploration plan, and the regulations, a licensee may relinquish an exploration license for all or any portion of the lands covered by it. A relinquishment shall be filed in the Bureau of Land Management State Office in which the original application was filed. See 43 CFR subpart 1821.

(e) An exploration license may be cancelled by the authorized officer for noncompliance with its terms and conditions, the exploration plan, or the regulations, after the authorized officer has notified the licensee of the violation(s) in writing and the licensee has failed to correct the violation(s) within the period prescribed in the notice.

(f) Should a licensee request a modification to the exploration plan, the authorized officer may approve the modification if geologic or other conditions warrant.

(g) When unforeseen conditions that could result in substantial disturbance to the natural land surface or damage to the environment or improvements are encountered, or when geologic or other physical conditions warrant a modification in the approved exploration plan:

(1) The authorized officer may adjust the terms and conditions of the exploration license, or

(2) The authorized officer may direct adjustment in or approve modification of the exploration plan. If the licensee does not concur in the adjustment of the terms and conditions of the exploration license and exploration plan, he/she may, under 43 CFR part 4, appeal the decision modifying the license, or he/she may relinquish the exploration license.

(h) Exploration licenses shall not be extended. Exploration operations may not be conducted after the exploration license has expired. The licensee may apply for a new exploration license as described in this section. A new exploration license may be issued simultaneously with the termination of the existing exploration license.

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