Title 43

SECTION 3283.6

3283.6 What is the purpose of BLM's periodic review

§ 3283.6 What is the purpose of BLM's periodic review?

(a) BLM must review all unit agreements to determine whether any leases, or portions of leases, committed to any unit are no longer reasonably necessary for unit operations, and eliminate from inclusion in the unit agreement any such lands it determines not reasonably necessary for unit operations.

(b) The elimination will be based on scientific evidence, and occur only for the purpose of conserving and properly managing the geothermal resources.

(c) BLM will not eliminate any lands from a unit until BLM provides the unit operator, the lessee, and any other person with a legal interest in such lands, with reasonable notice and an opportunity to comment.

(d) Any lands eliminated from a unit under this section are eligible for a lease extension under subpart 3207 of part 3200 of this chapter if the lands meet the requirements for the extension.