Title 43

SECTION 3281.19

3281.19 What action will BLM take on a proposed unit agreement

§ 3281.19 What action will BLM take on a proposed unit agreement?

BLM will:

(a) Review the proposed unit agreement to ensure that the public interest is protected and that the agreement conforms to applicable laws and regulations;

(b) Coordinate the review of a proposed unit agreement with appropriate state agencies, and other Federal surface management agencies, if applicable;

(c) Approve the unit agreement and provide the unit operator with signed copies of the agreement, if we determine:

(1) That the unit operator has submitted all required information;

(2) That the unit agreement and the unit operator satisfy all required terms and conditions, including the requirements specified at §§ 3281.14 and 3281.15, and conform with all applicable laws and regulations; and

(3) That the unit agreement is necessary or advisable to meet the public interest;

(d) Notify the unit operator in writing if we reject the unit agreement proposal; and

(e) Reject any unit application that includes lands already committed to an approved unit agreement.