Title 43

SECTION 3280.1

3280.1 What is the purpose and scope of this part

§ 3280.1 What is the purpose and scope of this part?

(a) The purpose of this part is to provide holders of Federal and non-Federal geothermal leases and owners of non-Federal mineral interests the opportunity to unite under a Federal geothermal unit agreement to explore for and develop geothermal resources in a manner that is necessary or advisable in the public interest.

(b) These regulations identify:

(1) The procedures a prospective unit operator must follow to receive BLM approval for unit area designation and a Federal geothermal unit agreement;

(2) The operational requirements a unit operator must meet once the unit agreement is approved; and

(3) The procedures BLM will follow in reviewing, approving, and administering a Federal geothermal unit agreement.