Title 43

SECTION 3275.12

3275.12 What environmental and safety requirements apply to facility operations

§ 3275.12 What environmental and safety requirements apply to facility operations?

(a) You must perform all utilization facility operations in a manner that:

(1) Protects the quality of surface and subsurface waters, air, and other natural resources, including wildlife, soil, vegetation, and natural history;

(2) Prevents unnecessary or undue degradation of the lands;

(3) Protects the quality of cultural, scenic, and recreational resources;

(4) Accommodates other land uses as much as possible;

(5) Minimizes noise;

(6) Prevents injury; and

(7) Prevents damage to property.

(b) You must monitor facility operations to identify and address local environmental resources and concerns associated with your facility or lease operations.

(c) You must remove or, with BLM approval, properly store all equipment and materials not in use.

(d) You must properly abandon the facility and reclaim any disturbed surface to standards approved or prescribed by us, when the land is no longer needed for facility construction or operation.

(e) When we require, you must submit a contingency plan describing procedures to protect public health and safety, property, and the environment.

(f) You must comply with the requirements of § 3200.4.