Title 43

SECTION 3274.12

3274.12 How will BLM review my commercial use permit application

§ 3274.12 How will BLM review my commercial use permit application?

(a) When BLM receives your completed and signed commercial use permit application, we will make sure it is complete and review it for compliance with § 3200.4.

(b) If another Federal agency manages the surface of your lease, we will consult with that agency before we approve your commercial use permit.

(c) We will review your commercial use permit to make sure it conforms with your utilization plan and any mitigation measures we developed while reviewing your plan.

(d) We will check your commercial use permit for technical adequacy, and will ensure that your meters meet the accuracy standards (see §§ 3275.14 and 3275.15).

(e) If we need any further information to complete our review, we will contact you in writing and suspend our review until we receive the information.

(f) After our review, we will notify you whether your permit has been approved or denied, as well as any conditions of approval.