Title 43

SECTION 3272.11

3272.11 How do I describe the proposed utilization facility

§ 3272.11 How do I describe the proposed utilization facility?

Your submission must include:

(a) A generalized description of all proposed structures and facilities, including their size, location, and function;

(b) A generalized description of proposed facility operations, including estimated total production and injection rates; estimated well flow rates, pressures, and temperatures; facility net and gross electrical generation; and, if applicable, interconnection with other utilization facilities. If it is a direct use facility, send us the information we need to determine the amount of resource utilized;

(c) A contour map of the entire utilization site, showing production and injection well pads, pipeline routes, facility locations, drainage structures, existing and planned access, and lateral roads;

(d) A description of site preparation and associated surface disturbance, including the source for site or road building materials, amounts of cut and fill, drainage structures, analysis of all site evaluation studies prepared for the site(s), and a description of any additional tests, studies, or surveys which are planned to assess the geologic suitability of the site(s);

(e) The source, quality, and proposed consumption rate of water to be used during facility operations, and the source and quantity of water to be used during facility construction;

(f) The methods for meeting air quality standards during facility construction and operation, especially standards concerning non-condensable gases;

(g) An estimated number of personnel needed during construction and operation of the facility;

(h) A construction schedule;

(i) A schedule for testing of the facility and/or well equipment, and for the start of commercial operations;

(j) A description of architectural landscaping or other measures to minimize visual impacts; and

(k) Any additional information or data that we may require.