Title 43

SECTION 3265.11

3265.11 What records must I keep available for inspection

§ 3265.11 What records must I keep available for inspection?

You must keep a complete record of all aspects of your activities related to your drilling operation available for our inspection. Store these records in a place which makes them conveniently available to us. Examples of records which we may inspect include:

(a) Well logs and maps;

(b) Records, books, and accounts related to your Federal drilling operations;

(c) Directional surveys;

(d) Records pertaining to casing type and setting;

(e) Records pertaining to formations penetrated;

(f) Well test results;

(g) Records pertaining to characteristics of the geothermal resource;

(h) Records pertaining to emergency procedure training; and

(i) Records pertaining to operational problems.