Title 43

SECTION 3206.11

3206.11 What must BLM do before issuing a lease

§ 3206.11 What must BLM do before issuing a lease?

For all leases, BLM must:

(a) Determine that the land is available; and

(b) Determine that your lease development will not have a significant adverse impact on any significant thermal feature within any of the following units of the National Park System:

(1) Mount Rainier National Park;

(2) Crater Lake National Park;

(3) Yellowstone National Park;

(4) John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway;

(5) Bering Land Bridge National Preserve;

(6) Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve;

(7) Katmai National Park;

(8) Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve;

(9) Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve;

(10) Lake Clark National Park and Preserve;

(11) Hot Springs National Park;

(12) Big Bend National Park (including that portion of the Rio Grande National Wild Scenic River within the boundaries of Big Bend National Park);

(13) Lassen Volcanic National Park;

(14) Hawaii Volcanoes National Park;

(15) Haleakala National Park;

(16) Lake Mead National Recreation Area; and

(17) Any other significant thermal features within National Park System units that the Secretary may add to the list of these features, in accordance with 30 U.S.C. 1026(a)(3).