Title 43

SECTION 3203.10

3203.10 How are lands included in a competitive sale

§ 3203.10 How are lands included in a competitive sale?

(a) A qualified company or individual may nominate lands for competitive sale by submitting an applicable BLM nomination form.

(b) A nomination is a description of lands that you seek to be included in one lease. Each nomination may not exceed 5,120 acres, unless the area to be leased includes an irregular subdivision. Your nomination must provide a description of the lands nominated by legal land description.

(1) For lands surveyed under the public land rectangular survey system, describe the lands to the nearest aliquot part within the legal subdivision, section, township, and range;

(2) For unsurveyed lands, describe the lands by metes and bounds, giving courses and distances, and tie this information to an official corner of the public land surveys, or to a prominent topographic feature;

(3) For approved protracted surveys, include an entire section, township, and range. Do not divide protracted sections into aliquot parts;

(4) For unsurveyed lands in Louisiana and Alaska that have water boundaries, discuss the description with BLM before submission; and

(5) For fractional interest lands, identify the United States mineral ownership by percentage.

(c) You may submit more than one nomination, as long as each nomination separately satisfies the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section and includes the filing fee specified in § 3203.12.

(d) BLM may reconfigure lands to be included in each parcel offered for sale.

(e) BLM may include land in a lease sale on its own initiative.