Title 43

SECTION 3192.13

3192.13 What responsibilities must BLM keep

§ 3192.13 What responsibilities must BLM keep?

(a) Under cooperative agreements, BLM continues to -

(1) Issue Notices of Incidents of Noncompliance that impose monetary assessments and penalties;

(2) Collect assessments and penalties;

(3) Calculate and distribute shared civil penalties;

(4) Train and certify Tribal or State inspectors;

(5) Issue and regulate inspector identification cards; and

(6) Identify leases to be inspected, taking into account the priorities of the Tribe. Priorities for allotted lands will be established through consultation with the BIA office with jurisdiction over the lands in the agreement.

(b) If BLM enters into a cooperative agreement, that agreement does not affect BLM's right to enter lease sites to conduct inspections, enforcement, investigations or other activities necessary to supervise lease operations.