Title 43

SECTION 3191.3-2

3191.3-2 Reinstatement.

§ 3191.3-2 Reinstatement.

Terminated delegations of authority may be reinstated as set out below:

(a) For a delegation terminated by mutual consent under § 3191.3-1(a) of this title, the State shall apply for reinstatement by filing a petition with the Director, who shall determine whether such reinstatement should be granted.

(b) For a delegation of authority revoked by the Director, the State shall file a petition requesting reinstatement. In applying for reinstatement, the State shall provide written evidence that it has remedied all defects for which the delegation was revoked and that it is fully capable of resuming the activities carried out under the delegation. Upon receipt of the petition, the following actions shall be taken:

(1) The authorized officer, after review of the petition, may recommend approval of the reinstatement but shall provide proof that the deficiencies have been corrected and that the State is fully capable of carrying out the delegation.

(2) The Director shall review the petition and the recommendation of the authorized officer and may approve the reinstatement of a delegation upon a determination that the findings of the authorized officer are acceptable.