Title 43

SECTION 3191.3-1

3191.3-1 Termination.

§ 3191.3-1 Termination.

(a) The delegation may be terminated by mutual written consent at any time.

(b) The Director may revoke a delegation if it is determined that the State has failed to meet the minimum standards for complying with the delegated authority.

(c) Prior to any action to revoke a delegation, the Director shall notify the State in writing of the deficiencies in the program leading to such revocation.

(d) Upon notification of intent to revoke a delegation, the State shall have 30 days to respond with a plan to correct the cited deficiencies. If the Director determines that the plan of correction is acceptable, the Director shall then approve the plan and specify the timeframe within which the cited deficiencies shall be corrected.

(e) In the event the Director makes a determination to revoke a delegation of authority, the State shall be provided an opportunity for a hearing prior to final action.