Title 43

SECTION 3191.2

3191.2 Terms of delegation.

§ 3191.2 Terms of delegation.

(a) Delegations shall be continuing, contingent upon available funding, providing that there is an annual finding by the Director that the provisions of the delegation and the mineral leasing laws are still being carried out and that the requirements of § 3191.1-3 (a), (b) and (c) of this title are still in effect.

(b) Authority delegated to a State under this subpart shall not be redelegated.

(c) The State regulatory authority shall maintain sufficient qualified, personnel to comply with the terms and purpose of the delegation.

(d) Inspection identification cards shall be issued by the authorized officer to all certified State inspectors for the purpose of identifying the bearer as an authorized representative of the Secretary. Identification cards remain the property of the United States.

(e) The delegation shall provide for coordination with designated offices of the Bureau of Land Management, the Minerals Management Service, and, where appropriate, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Forest Service, and other surface management agencies.

(f) The delegation shall provide for annual program review.

(g) The delegation shall provide for annual budget and program reporting in conjunction with the Federal Budget process.

(h) The Director reserves the right to make inspections on Federal and Indian leases inspected by a State under this subpart for the purpose of evaluating the manner in which the delegation is being carried out.

(i) The Director reserves the right to act independently to carry out his/her responsibilities under the law.