Title 43

SECTION 3181.2

3181.2 Designation of unit area; depth of test well.

§ 3181.2 Designation of unit area; depth of test well.

An application for designation of an area as logically subject to development under a unit agreement and for determination of the depth of a test well may be filed by a proponent of such an agreement at the proper BLM office. Such application shall be accompanied by a map or diagram on a scale of not less than 2 inches to 1 mile, outlining the area sought to be designated under this section. The Federal, State, Indian and privately owned land should be indicated by distinctive symbols or colors. Federal and Indian oil and gas leases and lease applications should be identified by lease serial numbers. Geologic information, including the results of any geophysical surveys, and any other available information showing that unitization is necessary and advisable in the public interest should be furnished. All information submitted under this section is subject to part 2 of this title, which sets forth the rules of the Department of the Interior relating to public availability of information contained in Departmental records, as provided under this part at § 3100.4 of this chapter. These data will be considered by the authorized officer and the applicant will be informed of the decision reached. The designation of an area, pursuant to an application filed under this section, shall not create an exclusive right to submit an agreement for such area, nor preclude the inclusion of such area or any party thereof in another unit area.

[48 FR 26766, June 10, 1983. Redesignated at 48 FR 36587, Aug. 12, 1983, and amended at 63 FR 52953, Oct. 1, 1998]