Title 43

SECTION 3179.6

3179.6 Venting limitations.

§ 3179.6 Venting limitations.

(a) Gas well gas may not be flared or vented, except where it is unavoidably lost pursuant to § 3179.4(b).

(b) The operator must flare, rather than vent, any gas that is not captured, except:

(1) When flaring the gas is technically infeasible, such as when the gas is not readily combustible or the volumes are too small to flare;

(2) Under emergency conditions, as defined in § 3179.105, when the loss of gas is uncontrollable or venting is necessary for safety;

(3) When the gas is vented through normal operation of a natural gas-activated pneumatic controller or pump;

(4) When gas vapor is vented from a storage tank or other low pressure production vessel, unless the BLM determines that recovery of the gas vapors is warranted;

(5) When the gas is vented during downhole well maintenance or liquids unloading activities;

(6) When the gas venting is necessary to allow non-routine facility and pipeline maintenance to be performed, such as when an operator must, upon occasion, blow-down and depressurize equipment to perform maintenance or repairs; or

(7) When a release of gas is unavoidable under § 3179.4 and flaring is prohibited by Federal, State, local or tribal law, regulation, or enforceable permit term.

(c) For purposes of this subpart, all flares or combustion devices must be equipped with an automatic ignition system.