Title 43

SECTION 3179.103

3179.103 Emergencies.

§ 3179.103 Emergencies.

(a) Gas flared or vented during an emergency is royalty free for a period not to exceed 24 hours, unless the BLM determines that emergency conditions exist necessitating venting or flaring for a longer period.

(b) For purposes of this subpart, an “emergency” is a temporary, infrequent and unavoidable situation in which the loss of gas or oil is uncontrollable or necessary to avoid risk of an immediate and substantial adverse impact on safety, public health, or the environment, and is not due to operator negligence.

(c) The following do not constitute emergencies for the purpose of royalty assessment:

(1) The operator's failure to install appropriate equipment of a sufficient capacity to accommodate the production conditions;

(2) Failure to limit production when the production rate exceeds the capacity of the related equipment, pipeline, or gas plant, or exceeds sales contract volumes of oil or gas;

(3) Scheduled maintenance;

(4) A situation caused by operator negligence, including recurring equipment failures; or

(5) A situation on a lease, unit, or communitized area that has already experienced 3 or more emergencies within the past 30 days, unless the BLM determines that the occurrence of more than 3 emergencies within the 30 day period could not have been anticipated and was beyond the operator's control.

(d) Within 45 days of the start of the emergency, the operator must estimate and report to the BLM on a Sundry Notice the volumes flared or vented beyond the timeframe specified in paragraph (a) of this section.