Title 43

SECTION 3175.93

3175.93 Integration statements.

§ 3175.93 Integration statements.

An unedited integration statement must be retained and made available to the BLM upon request. The integration statement must contain the following information:

(a) The information required in § 3170.7(g) of this part;

(b) The name of the company performing the integration;

(c) The month and year for which the integration statement applies;

(d) Meter-tube inside diameter (inches);

(e) The following primary device information, as applicable:

(i) Orifice bore diameter (inches); or

(ii) Beta or area ratio, discharge coefficient, and other information necessary to calculate the flow rate;

(f) Relative density (specific gravity);

(g) CO2 content (mole percent);

(h) N2 content (mole percent);

(i) Heating value calculated under § 3175.125 (Btu/standard cubic feet);

(j) Atmospheric pressure or elevation at the FMP;

(k) Pressure base;

(l) Temperature base;

(m) Static-pressure tap location (upstream or downstream);

(n) Chart rotation (hours or days);

(o) Differential-pressure bellows range (inches of water);

(p) Static-pressure element range (psi); and

(q) For each chart or day integrated:

(i) The time and date on and time and date off;

(ii) Average differential pressure (inches of water);

(iii) Average static pressure;

(iv) Static-pressure units of measure (psia or psig);

(v) Average temperature ( °F);

(vi) Integrator counts or extension;

(vii) Hours of flow; and

(viii) Volume (Mcf).